Sarah and Matt, both locals who grew up in Matakana.

Matt on a farm. Sarah in the Matakana township with her sister Kylie who you will also see behind the counter. Good luck telling them apart.

Both Sarah and Matt attended the local Matakana Primary School and then Mahurangi College.

Matt did his Apprenticeship at New World, Warkworth and qualified at the age of 17.

Sarah and Matt travelled the World before settling in Australia where Matt managed a Butchery in Brisbane before heading to WA to work on the mines. 

It wasn't until they both got wind of the Matakana Butchery coming up for sale in 2013 that they considered coming back to plant roots in their home town.

Matt now boasts 14 years experience in the industry, 5 years homekill processing experience and a life long passion for producing quality meat to the community.




Meet  Tim..

Tim Barnes is an old school "do it all" Butcher.

Tim took the title of 'First Year Apprentice of the Year' in 2003 and qualified in 2005.

Tim has Butchered in a wide variety of stores ranging from Private stores to major supermarkets. He has a passion for quality butchering and that translates to the meat that reaches your plate.